August 5, 2021

The dynamic contrast ratio is 10,000,000: 1.

The dynamic contrast ratio is 10,000,000: 1.

The set with new vacuum cleaners also includes an additional Super Turbin brush. An innovative dual roller system scrapes the wool off the carpet and picks it up with the dust for more efficient cleaning. And due to the special design, the brush has become even less noisy. In addition, its shape allows you to reach the most inaccessible places. This is especially true if there are animals in the house: even the long hair of pets will not get stuck in the brush and will be completely sucked into the dust container.

The new Multi Chamber Plus + TM features an improved cyclone system and a new lid design. Keeping its compact dimensions, the Multi Chamber Plus + TM container has become 20% more spacious. And the unique design provides the new vacuum cleaners with suction power that does not decrease when it is full. The container is easy to clean – it is easy to remove and the HEPA filter can be rinsed under the tap. The HEPA 13 filter is able to trap the finest dust particles down to 0.3 microns, providing perfect air filtration up to 99.95%. Thanks to this, the air in the house after cleaning will always remain clean.

The new vacuum cleaners are available in two colors: a combination of black and dark pink, as well as black and blue. The SC 8796 model differs from the SC 8786 by the presence of a special Master parquet brush.

Recommended retail price for Ssmsung vacuum cleaners: SC 8786 – 17,990 rubles, SC 8796 – 19,900 rubles. Vacuum cleaners

July 08, 2009 For all keg beer lovers, note! With the innovative BeerTender beer cooling and dispensing system from Heineken and Krups, you can enjoy the taste of fresh Heineken draft beer right at home! 1.2 bar within 30 days of opening the keg A convenient electronic display will help you control the amount of beer, its temperature and freshness BeerTender can be programmed to different temperatures: 2, 4 or 6 degrees – your beer will have the degree of cooling that you like it.

– Dimensions: 300x452x493 mm (WxHxD).- Weight approx. 6 kg.- Color: black + chrome inserts- Disposable tube for each new beer keg, connecting the beer keg and the device itself – in a set of 5 pieces

The recommended price for BeerTender is 11,999 rubles.

Here is a list of stores where you can buy this product:http: // …

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March 19, 2010 Philips introduces the HR1367 cordless blender from the Viva collection of kitchen appliances. The new device combines the functions of a blender, mixer and food processor and allows you to cook dishes of varying complexity without the need for other equipment. Thanks to its 600W power and turbo mode, it can easily transform any ingredients into a homogeneous mass of exactly the consistency you need. The whisk attachment is ideal for whipping cream, whites and batter. The all-metal grating and shredding disc will help you prepare salads, chop vegetables for soups and side dishes. The chopping attachment with double-sided curved knives easily grinds food and is simply indispensable for preparing minced meat, vegetable and fruit mixtures. The 1.5 liter container allows you to prepare first or second courses for the whole family in one go. A measuring cup will help you accurately calculate the amount of ingredients you need.

The blender is easy to use: all control is concentrated on the rubberized handle, to which you can easily connect both a blender attachment and a food processor. Let’s also note the design: like the entire Viva collection, the HR1367 model is decorated in lilac colors pleasing to the eye.

The new Philips HR1367 blender will go on sale in April with a suggested retail price of RUB 4,990. New ProductsPhilipsMixerBlender

May 20, 2010 Samsung introduces a new series of built-in ovens featuring the innovative Dual Cook technology. The technology allows you to simultaneously cook two dishes in autonomous temperature modes with separate timers, thus saving time and energy. In this case, you can use the entire oven as a whole or only part of its large volume (65 liters). In addition, thanks to the use of double Airvection fans, the cooking process becomes twice as efficient if the food is cooked in the total volume of the oven without a divider.

Built-in ovens heat up to the desired temperature faster and keep it at the desired level, using 48% less energy compared to competitors. Therefore, Samsung models were the first in the world to receive the Energy Master AAA certificate – each of the three branches has been certified and meets the A class of energy consumption. The touch control of built-in ovens allows you to select the desired program and set the cooking mode in a matter of seconds. The dual display shows information about the temperature in each compartment of the oven and tells the user when the dish is ready.

Ovens have several automatic cooking modes. By pressing the button and selecting the appropriate mode from the menu, users will be able to find out the optimum temperature for cooking and the time it takes for the dish to reach the ready state. Note also the ease of cleaning. The catalytic cleaning mode chemically destroys grease and food particles that fall on a special pan during cooking, while the steam cleaning mode completely cleans the interior surfaces in just 25 minutes.

The new series of built-in ovens are distinguished by an exceptional design in stainless steel or black glass finishes. The control knobs recessed inside the case add elegance and chic to the models. The oven door is designed for maximum safety and reliability with frequent use, and a special mechanism ensures easy and smooth opening. In addition, the ovens are equipped with telescopic guides, making it much easier to take food out of the oven.

New ovens can be purchased at an approximate price of 20 to 25 thousand rubles. Your rating: None Rating: 4.8 (4 votes) Samsung

September 13, 2010 Samsung’s new Eco Bubble technology improves the efficiency of detergent use. It is based on the process of creating bubbles in the drum of the washing machine by dissolving the detergent with water and air at the beginning of the wash cycle. Fully dissolved detergent penetrates quickly and evenly into all fabrics – 40 times faster than concentrated detergents. This technology also provides a thorough rinsing of the fabric, ensuring users that clothes washed in the Samsung Scout will be free from stains and detergent residues. At the same time, even the thinnest and most delicate fabrics will retain their quality and original appearance, since the Eco Bubble technology creates the effect of a water cushion, minimizing the mechanical effect on the fabric. Eco Bubble also saves energy by delivering a high quality wash at lower temperatures than traditional models on the market. Even in cold water (at a temperature of 15 ° C) Samsung Scout is able to provide a high level of washing, equal in quality to the modes at a temperature of 40 ° C in washing machines of other manufacturers. Finally, with the Super Eco Program, users can save up to 70% of their energy, which will benefit monthly utility bills. Economical energy consumption is confirmed by the certificate of compliance with the high energy efficiency class A +++.

Eco Bubble technology is used in the new Samsung Scout washing machine (model WF0804Y8E). The new flagship model also features other advanced technologies. Note, for example, the special embossed Diamond Drum. Its holes are smaller than traditional drum types and are located in special honeycombs that resemble the shape of a diamond. Water, accumulating in the recesses, forms an additional layer between the clothes and the walls of the drum, preventing damage to the fibers of the fabric, making the wash even more delicate.

The new washing machine also features low vibration and noise levels thanks to the unique Quiet Drive, which does not use belts or gears. The quiet operation of the washing machine (noise level less than 68 dB (A)) allows the washing machine to be used even at night. The new Quiet Drive is also characterized by high reliability, which is confirmed by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Samsung Scout features a number of dedicated modes and functions to provide a comfortable and easy user experience. The proprietary Eco Drum Clean cleaning technology is designed specifically to remove residues of detergents and dirt in the drum, on work surfaces and door glass without special detergents. The quick wash mode “15 minutes” will wash your favorite clothes in just a quarter of an hour. In addition, users will be able to select the number of cycles up to 60 minutes to improve wash performance and remove stubborn stains. The new washing machine also has a special Woolmark mode for wool and delicate fabrics.

The Samsung Scout washing machine is equipped with a ceramic heater that prevents the formation of limescale deposits that increase energy consumption. Also, unlike conventional heaters, the Samsung Ceramic Heater does not require additional maintenance and the use of special anti-scale agents.

In the Russian market, the Samsung Scout washing machine will be available this fall at an estimated retail price of 32,990 rubles. Your rate: None Rating: 4.3 (6 votes) Samsung

April 06, 2010 BORK presents the CF TOR 4040 SI column fan of the Ultra Compact series. The stylish and compact fan looks very modern, and the ultra-quiet operation mode will allow you to use the device regardless of the time of day.

Due to its small dimensions, BORK CF TOR 4040 SI can be used in any room. The width of the fan case is comparable to the width of a CD, and the height is 130 cm. At the same time, the model has a power of 40 watts. The model is also equipped with a remote control, which, if desired, can be hidden in a special compartment in the fan housing.

For the night time, a special ultra-quiet operating mode is provided. The noise level of BORK CF TOR 4040 SI is only 18 dB.

BORK CF TOR 4040 SI has a memory function. The blowing angle is adjustable according to individual preferences at 60-80-120 degrees. In addition, you can set a special blowing mode “Soft Breeze”. The mode consists in the fact that the fan automatically increases and decreases the blowing intensity, creating the effect of natural air movement and preventing unidirectional air movement, which can “pass” in hot weather.

The BORK CF TOR 4040 SI fan is on sale in the Russian market, its cost is 4590 rubles.

Summary characteristics of the fan BORK CF TOR 4040 SI

– Power: 40W- Column type- Connection: 220-240 V / 50 Hz / 1 phase- Case material: metal- Remote control- Height: 130 cm- Color: steel- Adjustable blowing angle: 60-80-120 degrees- Memory function- Ultra quiet mode of operation- Blowing “Soft Breeze”- Country of origin: China

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May 23, 2010 We were expecting the world’s first household 3D TV model with understandable impatience! However, I didn’t have to wait long. In this unofficial competition of manufacturers, LG was the most agile. It was their model LX9500 that became the world’s first Full LED Slim TV with 3D support.

Photo: The world’s first Full LED Slim 3D TV, model LX9500 (LG).

Technical description.

The LX9500 3D TV creates a 3D picture based on the principle of separate transmission of polarized images for the right and left video channels. The stereo effect occurs when viewing 3D images with LG shutter glasses (model AG-S100), two pairs of which are included with the LX9500 3D TV (one pair of shutter glasses is included with the LX6500 3D TV). The effect is achieved by alternately blocking one of the lenses in sync with the refresh rate of the screen.

Photo: Shutter glasses manufactured by LG (model AG-S100).

The third essential component of the system is the LG BX580 3D Blu-ray player, capable of transmitting stereo images to the TV screen.

Photo: LG BX580 3D Blu-ray player.

In addition to 3D, the TV is equipped with a number of new technologies, in particular, innovative backlighting. With LED blocks directly behind the screen (the 55-inch model has 1200 LEDs), the Full LED display delivers exceptional brightness and unrivaled image quality. The dynamic contrast ratio is 10,000,000: 1. TruMotion 400Hz technology ensures high image quality even in the most dynamic scenes.

In Russia, the LX9500 3D TV went on sale in May 2010 at the following recommended prices:- with a diagonal of 55 “: 142990 rubles.- With a diagonal of 47 “: 110990 rubles.3D Blu-ray player LG BX580 will also appear in May 2010 at a suggested retail price of 12,990 rubles.LG shutter glasses can also be purchased separately at a retail price of RUB 4,499. for a couple.

Testing LX9500 3D TV

Outwardly, the TV makes the most favorable impression. Its elegant body is really thin, even scary to touch! The case is only 22.3mm thick.

Photo: LX9500 3D TV (LG), side view.

In front, the thin LX9500 INFINIA TV also looks impressive. The glossy surface of the screen is framed by the thinnest 16 mm bezel, reminiscent of the frame of an expensive piece of jewelry.

If you look at the image on the screen with the naked eye, “it looks bifurcated, as if from a poor-quality indoor antenna. Therefore, you should definitely evaluate the TV picture with the help of glasses, which are just as important an element of the system as, say, headphones in an audio player.

Photo: LX9500 3D TV (LG), this is how the picture looks as it is. “

Perhaps, in the future there will be companies specializing in the production of universal “shutter glasses, but so far there is not much to experiment with – there are only generic” AG-S100 glasses. However, compared to the models presented last year at IFA by other companies, these glasses behave quite well. They are comfortably made and do not tire the viewers even after prolonged viewing (we tested them for 1.5 hours). In addition, they are very economical as they are recharged via the USB port and can operate continuously for up to 40 hours.

With the efficiency of glasses, there is a problem of their inadvertent shutdown, if you accidentally turn away from the screen for a short time.